Association of Consumer Credit Information Suppliers(ACCIS)

Established in Dublin in 1990, it currently brings together 39 consumer credit reference agencies in Europe, 6 associate members from all other continents and one affiliate member.
ACCIS IVZW is since 2006 a registered International non-profit association under Belgian law.

Membership includes

  • member-owned ‘mutual’ organizations;
  • commercial profit-making companies and government-owned;
  • providers of both negative and positive information.

Activities of ACCIS include

  • to represent, promote, protect and preserve the common interests of its members;
  • to include in particular the representation and advocacy of member interests vis-a-vis government agencies, the public and all other third parties;
  • to inform members about matters of concern to them, including information about practices of other members and to coordinate the mutual interests of the members.

The Association works in cooperation with the other European trade organizations such as EUROFINAS or with sister organizations like CDIA, USA, or the Global Consumer Credit Reporting Network.